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Rated 5 / 5 stars

This movie relates very much to how I'm feeling currently, although I'm less of the mind to erupt in anger and wreak havoc due to my situation and more to simply try to walk away from it all and forge my own path. Out of the three characters in the animation, I definitely feel most connected to the student, as I'm currently going through higher education and share the feelings he expresses while in the classroom. But I see a bit of myself in the other two as well.

I had to watch this a few times to pick up on certain things; I'm thoroughly satisfied with all the different ways you portrayed the characters' feelings - which are made more memorable by the amount of detail in each - and the way they're all linked by the frustration each character is experiencing. The whole thing is very enjoyable and I'm positive I'm going to watch it some more.

There are obviously lots of ways to interpret why the characters are feeling the way they do - maybe they simply feel overworked, or perhaps they want to be in some other occupation - but what the animation made me think about more than anything is how humanity functions much like a giant machine, with students and workers filling the roles of cogs and gears, so to speak. This machine we humans are all in part connected to is nowhere near ideal, and its purpose is ambiguous. What comes of our efforts? We live in a world in which the poor make goods for the rich and the rich use their excessive luxuries to foster even more excess, driving us all down a path of insane consumption. But there is more to life on our planet than that, no? We humans have the power to create a world in which everyone can have access to clean water and healthy food, and be free to enjoy and appreciate all that nature has blessed us with. Sadly, that is not the reality; the machine doesn't operate in such a way. Perhaps if enough of us step back from the machine and the vast imbalance it produces, we can inspire a change in how humanity works and create a purpose worth striving for.

Anyway, I'm very happy I came across this movie, and I hope it touches others like it touched me. You did a wonderful job; thanks for sharing your work.

You Fucked Up! You Fucked Up!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You are truly superb, sir. Your uniqueness shines forth in this Flash, which is one of the most shockingly satisfying things I've seen on Newgrounds in a long time. Please continue blowing minds, and have a wonderful day/night/life.

thehoopz responds:

durgs are bad mky?

Cool Things 030 Cool Things 030

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I like your style!

You clearly expended a lot of effort on this video's technical aspects and overall presentation; I love content with real heart and soul put into it.

The animation itself is hilariously spectacular and brings me spasms of joy, and the music compliments it perfectly. I have to admit that the abrupt cutting-off of the wild, sporadic segment is a bit of a letdown; I would love to see and hear more of the untamed insanity that excites me so. But the astounding quality and entertainment value of said segment more than makes up for its short duration, and the little bonus animation that follows it is highly enjoyable and beautifully animated as well.

Kudos to you, sir!

AubergineLock responds:

Thankyou for the kind words!

fuc fuc

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is perfect.

The music is perfect. The animation is perfect. The colors are perfect. The way everything simultaneously excites and hypnotizes me as I listen and watch is perfect.


Stinky Boot FUCKERS Stinky Boot FUCKERS

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Simply spectacular.

I could easily write a long, detailed review discussing all the different aspects of this video and how they seamlessly come together to create a mesmerizing and memorable experience that has lingered in my head ever since my first viewing and continues to bring me enormous satisfaction to this day. But that wouldn't do your creation justice.

There is but a single way in which one can truly appreciate "Stinky Boot FUCKERS," and that is to sit back and let it flow into one's eyes and ears. I strongly encourage anyone reading this review to do just that, in the hope that others will share my sentiments regarding this magnificent Flash and in turn convince even more people to give it a much-deserved watch.

Thank you for taking the time to create and share your work with the public, and congratulations on making such a phenomenal impact with it.

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Stinky Boot FUCKER Stinky Boot FUCKER

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is one of the most beautiful animation loops I've ever had the pleasure of watching. The intro sequence is excellent as well - much like the loop, it's beautifully choreographed and features artwork and animation that's markedly clean and refined.

But the loop is incredibly memorable, mesmerizing, and calming. The music is fantastic: It's bright and uplifting, making it an ideal compliment to the setting. The head is perfect, both in the way it's positioned and how it's drawn; its facial expression manages to be both funny and oddly hypnotizing. And the use of color in every aspect of the video is amazing; the shading on the head and the gorgeous, ever-changing background adds so much to the satisfying feeling I get while watching.

I find it difficult to pull my eyes and ears away from this; it's just spectacular on so many levels, and it has such a relaxing effect me. I wouldn't change a thing about this, and I'll definitely be coming back to chill out to it again. Marvelous work...

And no, I've never jizzed in a boot, but I bet that it would feel almost as great as watching this!

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989 bytes 989 bytes

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Best 989 bytes I've ever seen!

This is amazing. I wouldn't even know how to begin coding something that exhibits such complexity. The colors and patterns are absolutely gorgeous.

What's most striking about this to me is that the animation appears to unfold in the same way every time I watch it, suggesting that it doesn't involve any randomization. That's pretty wicked, especially considering how long it goes on without repeating itself.

Really inspiring stuff, man. Excellent work!!

bryce responds:

:-|) it will never end

3D molecules and stuf 3D molecules and stuf

Rated 4 / 5 stars


100% ActionScript? Damn, I'd love to know how to make things like this. All the 3D stuff is impressive, to say the least. In particular, the transformations on the letters are really nice-looking, and I especially like the spinning cluster of balls that appears at the end.

Obviously, the presentation is a bit rough around the edges, but I'm sure you could easily smooth things out if you wanted to. All in all, this is a neat little demonstration.

Plus, the music makes me smile. :)

bryce responds:

cool stuf

Random Line Animation Random Line Animation

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Great work; the animation looks very nice, and the scenarios depicted are creative and unpredictable. This is quite impressive considering that it started out as something you were just "screwing around" with.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to try your hand at making another animation with better planning and additional attention given to background imagery, line neatness, coloring, and other details. With enough practice, I'm willing to bet you could make something really refined and elegant.

Regarding your question about the looping issue, the easiest way to make both the visuals and music loop forever is to do the following:

Put all the animation into a single MovieClip, and place that MovieClip on the frame to which the movie jumps after the play button is clicked. Put the audio on the same frame, and ensure that the "Start" and "Loop" options are selected (both options can be found in the Properties window when you click a frame on which the audio appears). Mind you, the MovieClip and audio only need to span one frame; if you followed all the aforementioned instructions correctly, everything should work fine.

Just so you're aware: In this movie, the audio is set to "Stream," which means it's synchronized to the visuals (i.e., it doesn't play independently of the animation). In this case, you can't loop either without increasing the file size significantly for every additional loop (and possibly having to deal with the "layered effect" you mentioned).

Good luck with your future projects!

Catmaniac8x responds:

So...put everything in a movie clip to loop...alrighty!

Thanks for the comment ^^ I'll definitely try something a little more advanced next time ^^

What the fuck, Japan? What the fuck, Japan?

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh lordy!!!!

First of all, I'm really impressed that you managed to create such a quality animation about such a topical issue so quickly. You're quite dedicated to your craft, and for that I commend you.

Despite sitting through a news report about Japan's recent tragedies just yesterday, this makes me laugh, and quite copiously I might add. The very idea of the crises stemming from a deity's shock and subsequent anger at some of the country's "interesting" behaviors is hilarious as is, and the way you present it through your funny and instantly recognizable drawing and animating style greatly enhances the humor. Everything from the deity's eyes popping out of his head to the crazy antics taking place in Japan keeps me in stitches.

Of course, I have to give credit to Ai Otsuka as well. The audio is wonderful; it has just the right amount of cuteness, craziness and chaos for an animation of this sort, and you synced it with the visuals beautifully. I can't think of anything I'd rather listen to while watching a tanuki's balls swing back and forth.

Excellent job, Catoblepasperfauxronegasm. Your work never fails to put a smile on my face. :)

Here's hoping for a swift recovery for the Japanese. I'm confident they'll pull through and overcome the hardships that lie ahead, so that they may continue their fascinating way of life in peace.

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