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Boxes Boxes

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This movie relates very much to how I'm feeling currently, although I'm less of the mind to erupt in anger and wreak havoc due to my situation and more to simply try to walk away from it all and forge my own path. Out of the three characters in the animation, I definitely feel most connected to the student, as I'm currently going through higher education and share the feelings he expresses while in the classroom. But I see a bit of myself in the other two as well.

I had to watch this a few times to pick up on certain things; I'm thoroughly satisfied with all the different ways you portrayed the characters' feelings - which are made more memorable by the amount of detail in each - and the way they're all linked by the frustration each character is experiencing. The whole thing is very enjoyable and I'm positive I'm going to watch it some more.

There are obviously lots of ways to interpret why the characters are feeling the way they do - maybe they simply feel overworked, or perhaps they want to be in some other occupation - but what the animation made me think about more than anything is how humanity functions much like a giant machine, with students and workers filling the roles of cogs and gears, so to speak. This machine we humans are all in part connected to is nowhere near ideal, and its purpose is ambiguous. What comes of our efforts? We live in a world in which the poor make goods for the rich and the rich use their excessive luxuries to foster even more excess, driving us all down a path of insane consumption. But there is more to life on our planet than that, no? We humans have the power to create a world in which everyone can have access to clean water and healthy food, and be free to enjoy and appreciate all that nature has blessed us with. Sadly, that is not the reality; the machine doesn't operate in such a way. Perhaps if enough of us step back from the machine and the vast imbalance it produces, we can inspire a change in how humanity works and create a purpose worth striving for.

Anyway, I'm very happy I came across this movie, and I hope it touches others like it touched me. You did a wonderful job; thanks for sharing your work.

You Fucked Up! You Fucked Up!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You are truly superb, sir. Your uniqueness shines forth in this Flash, which is one of the most shockingly satisfying things I've seen on Newgrounds in a long time. Please continue blowing minds, and have a wonderful day/night/life.

thehoopz responds:

durgs are bad mky?

Cool Things 030 Cool Things 030

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I like your style!

You clearly expended a lot of effort on this video's technical aspects and overall presentation; I love content with real heart and soul put into it.

The animation itself is hilariously spectacular and brings me spasms of joy, and the music compliments it perfectly. I have to admit that the abrupt cutting-off of the wild, sporadic segment is a bit of a letdown; I would love to see and hear more of the untamed insanity that excites me so. But the astounding quality and entertainment value of said segment more than makes up for its short duration, and the little bonus animation that follows it is highly enjoyable and beautifully animated as well.

Kudos to you, sir!

AubergineLock responds:

Thankyou for the kind words!

Recent Game Reviews

Hex Cracker Hex Cracker

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I like it. It isn't very refined, but it's put together nicely enough to be very enjoyable. There are a couple of errors (described below) that ought to be fixed, but everything is good otherwise.


1. In the "How to Play" section, the "F" in the example hex code is incorrectly assigned a value of 16 in the "Replacing..." pop-up window; the correct value to assign is 15. This mistake propagates through the subsequent steps of the calculation, so to make everything accurate you'll also have to change the corresponding value in the "Multiplying..." window to 15, as well as the corresponding value in the "Adding..." window to 127.

2. It's mentioned in the "How to Play" section that either pressing the "X" key on the keyboard or clicking the mouse changes the amount to add or subtract from the color values, but only the mouse option works.

Kwing responds:

1. Oops. I'll get on that.

2. This game is PSP compatible. The X button means X on the PSP, not on your keyboard, hence the button being circular.

Think Tank Think Tank

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This game has some small issues (I caught several errors in the dialogue and I think the code could benefit from some refining and optimization), but overall, I love it. The plot and technically-oriented gameplay are very appealing, as are the visual style and soundtrack.

I appreciate the difficulty level - it's challenging, but not to the point of frustration. Some of the level designs are quite creative and perplexing at a glance (the game definitely lives up to its name), and the ongoing communications between the player, scientist and bomber make the experience even more engaging (not to mention humorous). The boss fights are a welcome break from the puzzles, but I very much like how they all require a bit of strategy and thinking ahead nonetheless.

As I mentioned earlier, I think the code could be improved upon. Everything seems functional enough and I haven't encountered any game-breaking glitches, but different levels run at markedly different speeds depending on how many and what type of objects are present in them. The computer on which I played is somewhat dated, but considering the graphics (only raster images to which relatively simple transformations are occasionally applied are used as far as I can tell) and gameplay (it doesn't look like there are any particularly code-intensive operations required), I imagine it's possible to make everything run significantly smoother through adjustments to the program and game structure.

Having played through the entire game only once as I write this review, I feel inclined to go through everything at least one more time to see the other side (literally) of the story and try to pick up on details I may have missed during my first run; I think I'll happily do that not too long from now.

All involved in this game's production did a swell job; the fruits of the developers' labor are almost as sweet and juicy as the fresh, green grapes I ate yesterday.

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Pjorg responds:

Thanks for the very thorough review!

Update: went through a fixed all the typos I could find

Theia Theia

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This game isn't perfect, but it's pretty darn good. I played all the way through and had a ton of fun. I have a feeling the developers really enjoyed working on this project.

Aesthetically, it's excellent. The artwork and animations vary in detail and smoothness, but the visuals all look really neat on the whole, and the music and sound effects helped thoroughly immerse me in the game world. (The grunts of those big-handed guys started to really get to me after Voly got smacked by them enough times... but that was part of the fun!) I also like the plot, and enjoyed encountering all the different kinds of enemies, big and small. Everything has a cute, slightly childish feel to it, which I really love.

The perspective from which stages are viewed and the hit areas of the various objects made navigation tricky at first, but I gradually got more comfortable with everything as I played. There were times when I wished things were clearer, but it was also fun to figure out how the environment worked, which was a significant part of the game's difficulty for me.

Speaking of difficulty, this gets really hard! I was about ready to pull my hair out over the challenges presented by some of the later stages. But the combination of solving the puzzles and performing the tricky maneuvers this game requires is a joy to experience... a borderline-masochistic joy, perhaps, but a joy nonetheless. In any case, I'm glad I stuck it out to the end and got to see everything the game has to offer.

There are some slightly irritating bugs - scores can drop below zero, but a negative sign is never displayed (I thought the scoring system was broken until I realized this); Voly once got stuck in place near the edge of an obstacle, forcing me to restart the stage I was playing - but for the most part, the game plays beautifully.

It would be great if those bugs were fixed, but they aren't game-compromising, and don't change the fact that this game exhibits a lot of creativity and is really fun. I can definitely see myself playing it again and trying to finish with fewer deaths and a higher score.

Thanks for a great game!

Recent Audio Reviews

~Call Me~ ~Call Me~

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

To be totally honest, I can barely stand the clap that repeats throughout most of the beat. Everything else sounds nice, but I had trouble taking it all in due to how loud and abrupt the clap is. The softer melodies are so overpowered that it's difficult to hear how they change; I had to listen to the entire piece a second time to start really picking up on the variety. I would try to integrate the clap with all the other instruments by substantially reducing its volume and letting it fade out instead of abruptly cutting it off. It also might be a good idea to remove the clap entirely from some parts of the music to make the whole piece more varied.

If you create a revised version of this beat, I'd be interested in hearing it!

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nietzlawe responds:

Interesting thoughts, I'll look into it Jack. The percussion is a little crunkier than I would normally subject my own work to. I did deliberate for a while whether the clap was too harsh, too snappy and I can see where you would think along those lines.

There is definitely a revised version in the pipeline, and I'll have a mess around with the clap/snare, to try and make it blend into the song more without being too invasive on the song as a whole.

king OF cirme king OF cirme

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh man, I was recently wondering whether or not you were still active here, and just now I come across this tune of yours, featured on the front page, just hours after you submitted it. Congrats! And excellent work with everything as usual; the portamentos are particularly seductive.

By the way, you may want to change the submission classification to "loop", which will prevent NG's audio player from disabling looping by default.

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bryce responds:

thanks for the feedback pal!!! (loop enabled : -))

Rustled Jimmies Rustled Jimmies

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I rarely listen to hip-hop beats and find it difficult to get into stuff like this, but from an objective perspective, this sounds like a solid foundation for a more complex instrumental piece... either that, or for rapping over, as some other reviewers have mentioned. To be brutally honest, it sounds a bit dull at certain points, but then again, if you had embellished it, I doubt it would work as well as the basis for a rap track. I'm probably not the best person to judge this, though, since I generally listen to purely instrumental stuff and am unfamiliar with the finer points of this genre.

In any case, I hope this review rustles your jimmies enough to inspire a new era of music production; it's been a while since you've graced the Audio Portal with your work... I mean that sincerely. Really, I do!! It's good to see you back in action, Squishy... and if hearing that old nickname of yours doesn't rustle your jimmies sufficiently, I don't know what will.

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Sinitech responds:

My rustles have been jimmied.

Recent Art Reviews

The Bad blow The Bad blow

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hey, you're getting pretty good at this. I really like what you did with the colors here, particularly on the faces of the two guys. The faces and bodies themselves are also very nicely done; their shapes and quirks ooze with personality and do a great job of differentiating the characters. And I enjoy the general bizarreness that is so characteristic of your style.

Your hand-crafted work is swell; keep it up!

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Boss responds:

dhank yu hun hun

Unnatural Weave Unnatural Weave

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

That is wicked cool; the amount of detail in each ring of the lineart is nuts, and I like how each ring pattern is different. The waviness of the whole thing almost makes it seem like it's moving and flowing.

I find the Cape Breton background to be somewhat distracting from the lineart, and don't really like how it obscures some of the fine details of the ring patterns, but I do like some of the color variation it adds... I just feel like it's too prominent. It looks like you modified the colors of the background image and then laid the partially-transparent lineart over it; I think I would prefer to see the lineart remaining opaque with some sort of color effect applied to it, such as combining the lineart's colors with the colors of another image through addition, subtraction, etc. But that's just me.

Everything is very nice-looking nonetheless; great work!

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EXtraDonut responds:

Personally I don't mind the tree blocking out the patterns on that one part of the image, as you can still see the details of those particular patterns somewhere else on the image. But I do see what you mean by it being too prominent. It is however, what I chose after tweaking it multiple times from either being too subtle or too prominent.

Thank you for the feedback and the generous scoring. I very much appreciate it.

neg stim neg stim

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I feel ya, little guy!

What a great drawing. The little guyâEUTMs facial expression is very evocative, and I love the way you shaded himâEU¦ or is it a she? We may never knowâEU¦

I also love the more subtle details, particularly those involving the eyes: The little lines (veins?) on them and the tear-like smudges around them add a lot to the message youâEUTMre conveying in this piece.

Excellent work!!

CloseToGhost responds:

Great review! Thank you.
It is a he, I think, atleast, it was a message coming from me, about some people who made me feel bad one night, indirectly.
Not sure if they're veins, it wasn't intentional veins, so just darkness really.
Was a rough night! I've stopped doing things like this :{

Cheers again.