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It's getting colder...

2012-10-12 20:38:51 by Stickman91

I'm not a big fan of low temperatures. I prefer the warmer seasons, during which everything is alive and full of vitality. Plus, being outdoors is much nicer when I don't have to wrap myself in a thick coat to keep myself from freezing.

At least there'll be lots of colorful leaves to see for a while.


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2012-10-12 22:30:37

It's getting colder here as well in Ze England. There are many similarities between Blackburn and New York as we have proven through SPE (Shared Photography Experiences). But maybe this year we will be brave enough to brave the cold and walk through ice and snow with no coat, so deep in thought, like porn penises so deep in throat.

Watch those colourful cream-coated leaves, they look slippy.

Stickman91 responds:

Who spewed those leaves with spunk? I think I'm going to leave before I slip and fall face-first into that gunk.


2012-10-12 23:05:12

Also, there may be a new comment on the previous blog.

Stickman91 responds:

There may be a new response there that just got off the Train of Thought.


2012-10-13 11:08:43

it make me depressed

Stickman91 responds:

You may have a case of Seasonal Affective Disorder - SAD. At least you can be GLAD the Earth won't freeze in place like the trees do when the temperature drops, meaning it will continue along its orbit towards warmer days, after it passes the colder days, that is.


2012-10-13 19:04:04

it doesn't get that cold here in the winter, it barely snowed or anything at all last year

fall is comfortable to me


2012-10-13 20:14:39

Sex in the Snow, is such a thing possible. We found a frozen couple copulating stuck together, at it like rabbits they were, then the snow fell and his dick froze up inside her, not because he was a virgin who didn't know what he was doing, but because the temperature had gotten so cold, it had literally frozen them both solid into like a copulating sex statue that was erected in the middle of the North Pole.

(Euphemisms not deliberate.)


2012-10-13 20:17:06

That was his chat up line actually, "you wanna see my North Pole?"


2012-10-14 06:08:54

I think we can overcome our respective adversities by disrespecting our adversaries by cumming over them.


2012-10-15 10:58:22

i dont mind temperature drops.. i am sure all i need is a t-shirt and some good shoes, shoes that keep my feet warm.
the one thing i love most is the warm fuzzy feel i get while thinking about christmas.
being with family means allot. and to be honest, i wouldn't know what to do without family.
i could go skydiving but it won't help me so does going on a suicide mission either lol.