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I haven't been online much over the course of the past several weeks due to my time and mind being occupied with all sorts of things, but I feel now is an appropriate occasion to drop in and say hello, and to explain a bit of the mystery surrounding my recent vanishing act.

On my previous news post, I was asked about how Hurricane Sandy - a vicious storm that raged through my area a few weeks ago - treated me. Sandy didn't treat me well; she was extremely rude and refused to quit blowing, even when I tried to pull my pants up. She was also shockingly clumsy; she bumped into things and caused damage wherever she went. I'm glad our relationship is over.

All things considered, my immediate area didn't suffer too badly from the storm's wrath. There was almost no rain, but very strong gusts of wind blew frequently for a while. In a park near my residence, many trees - including some very large ones - were knocked down, and the ground was strewn with branches and leaves for some time after the storm passed. Thankfully, all the trees that could have fallen on my home stayed put.

I experienced a partial electricity outage that lasted for about a week, and my Internet service was cut off for about a week and a half; neither situation was particularly troublesome, though. Some homes right around mine lost all their electricity for a while, so I consider myself lucky.

My area is no longer feeling Sandy's impact much, but other locations sustained some serious damage and are still struggling to recover. I hope everything gets better as soon as possible for all who are dealing with unfortunate situations.

Despite the fact that my Internet service recovered from Sandy's destructive behavior over two weeks ago, I haven't shown my face around these parts since, and I'm sure the public is eager to know why. Unfortunately for the public, the reason(s) shall remain unknown for now, and possibly forever. After all, I only said I would explain a bit of the mystery.

What I will say is that there's a fair chance I'll take my leave once again at some point in the upcoming future for a long period of time.

And so, the profusion of confusion continues.

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